The Game

Urban safari: Zagreb is a series of audio-guided themed tours throughout the city.

By touring locations and listening to stories about them you collect points, and at the end of every cycle, we’ll reward three highest ranking players

The game is free, and for participating you only need a smartphone with a geolocator, some good will and some time. But, if for some reason you don’t want to or can’t visit a location in person, you can buy a ticket for a specific route or location and access its story.



  1. Login or register
    If you have a user profile already, log in, and if you don’t have one — create it. On your user profile page you can change your username and profile picture, monitor your conquered locations, points, rewards… Register for our free newsletter as well, so you don’t miss new locations when they’re added!
  2. Choose the location you want to conquer
    There are two ways to choose a location: by using our Radar service which shows locations near you or by picking a location on a route map. In both cases geolocation for your Internet browser must be on. Please be sure to check it before next step.
  3. Conquer a location
    The directions for the shortest way to a certain location can be found at a location’s page. We recommend you listen to 🙂
    When you’re 50 meters at the most from the location, check-in at its page and then listen to the story about it. At every conquered location win points and compete for rewards.
  4. Share your conquests on social media
    You can earn extra points by sharing your conquests and/or points on social media
  5. Enjoy your rewards and/or suggest new locations and routes
    After every game cycle we’ll reward the highest ranking players, and we’ll also reward the best suggestions for new locations, stories and routes. You can share them here.



  • What is a user profile and where can I find it?
    You can reach your user profile by clicking on the icon in the main navigation. At your profile page you can change your player name (visible on our players’s list) and your profile picture, as well as monitor your total earned points and of course — a map of your conquered locations
  • Is there a specific order for visiting locations?
    No. The order is up to you.
  • Is there a time limit for conquering locations?
    Not really, but the rewards will be handed out to the highest ranking players in regular cycles.
  • Do I have to be in Zagreb to play the game?
    No, you don’t even have to be in Croatia, or in Europe either, but in that case, you will have to get a ticket to play
  • The system can’t locate me, I’m getting a message ‘User denied the request for Geolocation’ instead
    In order to geolocate you, you have to allow it. If geolocation is denied in the settings of your Internet browser, please change the settings to continue with the game.



Audio vodič kroz hrvatsku koruptivnu baštinu 🎧 Made with ❤️ by SKROZ