K und K Lauf

There are not many national touristic attractions as neglected as our indigenous criminal and corruption.

‘Trust me I’ve been there’, as the latest Croatian Tourism Board campaign would suggest.

In the country that has been ruled by a party convicted for corruption for almost 30 years, a chance traveller is not often offered to be engaged in the special local traditions that rarely flourish elswhere in the EU.

That is why you have come to the right place!

You will not only be engaged, you might also profit!


FOTIĆ (available from June 29th)

HDZ, HQ (available from June 29th)


MAKSIMIR STADIUM (available from June 29th)


SLJEME CABLE CAR (available from June 29th)

CONDOR & LEOPARD (available from June 29th)

STUPIĆI (available from June 29th)

ZAGREPČANKA (available from June 29th)