About us

SKROZ (trans. all the way, through and through, thorough) is an arts collective whose work is not limited to one medium, artistic discipline or genre.

It is a group of authors working as a collaborative artistic team, in situations where the limits of singular authorship can not be easily determined.

SKROZ was founded in 2005 by director Nora Krstulović and dramaturge Maja Sviben. Today it involves a large number of associates from various artistic disciplines, producing everything from theatrical shows and performances to creations in a number of other mediums, especially on-line. Former productions include operas, theatre shows, plays for children and young people, site-specific performances, hybrid radio/theatre performances, and several interactive Internet art projects.

The collective is registered as an independent artistic organisation, which has collaborated on and coproduced projects with/for Croatian National Television, Music Biennale Zagreb, Croatian Composers’ Society, &td Theatre, Zagreb Youth Theatre, etc.

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